Cayge Clements, Owner & Design Consultant

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We have been in the home staging business since 2007 and love working with clients & realtors to provide professional advice and positive results. We proudly offer excellent customer service and are flexible and understanding of the stress that comes with selling a home.

How we work

Owner-Occupied Consultations:
We will offer plenty of great suggestions to homeowners during the walk-thru and generally ask that homeowners take notes to allow us to focus our attention on the design details. To keep our consultation cost lower we do not provide detailed written reports after the walk thru. However, we are happy to provide highlights to realtors who are not in attendance.

Vacant Home Staging

Here are some things to consider:

  • All properties must be professionally cleaned and have working AC and utilities prior to first day of staging.

  • SCHEDULING: If you think the staging date will change for any reason (including contractor delays or changes to the cleaning schedule) please let us know ASAP to avoid potential re-scheduling fees (covered in the contract). We try to be as flexible as possible and in most cases we can accommodate shifts in scheduling provided we are informed a minimum of one week in advance. If we arrive on staging day and the home is not ready for staging we may need to reschedule/postpone staging and charge a re-scheduling fee.

  • PROPERTY ACCESS: We are able to access SUPRA lock boxes with a CBS code provided by the realtor. Please confirm the codes are correct prior to first day of staging to avoid trip charges. Be sure you provide the correct code to allow access for the duration of staging. If you have a combination lock box, please double-check we are given the correct code and notify us of any code changes that may occur during the staging period.

  • We prefer to stage alone, so if possible please ensure all contractors punch lists have been completed prior to first day of staging.

  • We generally do not stage on the same day that photos are scheduled.

  • A standard timeframe for completion of projects is provided in all contracts and we will always finish within the specified time. Clients are contacted upon completion of the project to confirm staging is Picture Ready. Note: If we have been given 1 day to stage a project, please give us until 11:59pm that day to finish.

  • We have years of professional experience with staging selection that best suits a propertys style and implements current market trends. Our inventory ranges from modern to transitional and is chosen to best market each property and inspire potential buyers. We are always willing to work with clients on special requests or specific design